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S25 Tattoo

S25 as a shop has been around for many years.
In 2014 Martin Pass (Current Owner and Artist) took over ownership of the S25 Tattoo after working there from 2007. He has nearly 15 years of experience in this industry.
He started his tattoo career in Dinnington at the original S25. There he learnt how to tattoo and spent sometime there before the second shop was opened in Worksop under the same name. 
After 10 years in Worksop he had grown as an artist and realised it was time to move on... or back as it were.
Once finding out there was space back at the S25 in Dinnington (Now Fat Stans Tattoo Shop) he took the chance to go back to where his career all began.
After 3 years of tattooing within Fat Stans he is now back in Worksop.

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